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Watching your kids or your spouse go through a stressful or traumatic time is literally heart-wrenching. It may be work, school, relationships, bullying or any number of causes but the pain is tangible. You feel helpless and alone.

So where can you get the ongoing help and support you need? And, most importantly, where do you find your own strength, inner resources and energy so YOU can best help those you care for?

Becoming a member of myresilientfamily.com will give you access to all the tools and information you’ll need to be able take control of your own stress and greatly improve your own physical and mental wellbeing.

Through our workshops, expert advice and online community you can keep your own stress firmly under control, and acquire the knowledge and strength to give your own family the kind of care and understanding you always hoped you could.

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Our library of FREE resources covers a variety of mental health and wellbeing topics, and contains a selection of dowloadable pdfs for you to read online or print and keep for future reference.

Ask the Experts

Members can access our growing library of Zoom interviews with a number of health and wellbeing experts, and people who have lived experiences to share.

The Mental Health Mission

For over three years our Mental Health Mission has been helping people to make simple  lifestyle changes that make a positive difference to their mental and physical wellbeing.

Positive Thought of the Day

Every day on the My Resilient Family Facebook page, we publish a new positive thought to help our members begin their day in an upbeat frame of mind. To join our Facebook group click here.

Meet Rachel and Tony

The Founder of My Resilient Family Rachel Munns and her husband Tony have experienced first-hand the difficulties of stress-induced mental health  illness in their immediate and wider family. 

Guided Meditations

The benefits of regular mediation are well documented, and are available to members in both audio and video formats.

Excercise to Better Mental Health

A series of simple and gentle do-at-home excercise routines from our instructor Caroline, to give you a chance to raise your heartbeat for the right reasons!

The Circus of Life Book

Based on our flagship workshop that has helped thousands of people to become more resilient, more positive and balanced in all aspects of life. Available in both adult and teenage editions from our shop.

What's new...

  • Three new exercise classes from our fitness coach Caroline have just been added to the fitness page 
  • Life coach jennifer D’Amato has sent some wonderfully relaxing new audio mediations for members to enjoy – listen to them here
  • The Circus of Life book is now available as an e-book!  Help yourself and others to improved mental health and wellbeing on the move!

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