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When you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be working, it’s tempting just to give in and say things will get better eventually. The fact is, they rarely do. Taking positive steps towards helping yourself and so being able to help others is where My Resilient Family comes in.

Our members come from a wide variety of countries and cultures. Each of them has a different set of challenges and each of them use different elements from our workshops, resources and coaching to make the necessary changes in their own lives.

There is one thing that is universal however. They all recognised that most doctors and healthcare providers were not able to help either in the right way or quickly enough to enable them to overcome their or their family’s stress issues.

So, what does My Resilient Family provide that can’t be found elsewhere? After all, there’s no shortage of information about mental health and stress-busting spas and treatments are readily available. The answer lies in a combination of self-help workshops, resources and a community that enables a member to find the answers that are right for them.

Members find an affinity and understanding from people who have experienced, or who are experiencing, many of the the things that they are dealing with. They work through the workshop modules at a pace to suit them, and recognise the triggers that are causing their own stress.

Through understanding stress and its related illnesses, they and their families gain both strength and resilience, and go on to live happier and easier lives at home, school or work.

What our members say...

These testimonials are gathered both from our members, and from people who have attended our face to face workshops over the past ten years. If you would like to submit your own feedback we would be delighted to hear from you at

“The workshop has massively increased my undersatnding of mental health issues”

J.K, Nottingham, UK

“Absolutely brilliant! Very useful  and presented in an engaging and interactive way.”

K.M., Stamford, UK

“Helpful and practical. Fantastic space to ‘think’ and ‘be’ when things get tough

C.C., San Diego, CA

“Positive and fun, and packed with great information that I will try to keep and use

S.M. Cardiff, UK

“Membership has helped me to identify and resolve many of our family’s problems”

R.T., Basingstoke, UK

My wife has been really impressed with how much our younger son has improved.”

A.D., Eastbourne, UK

“Interesting and informative. Rachel is a great trainer with lots of experience.”

H.S., Milton Keynes, UK

“Really inspirational discussion and practical  ideas – thank you Rachel!

R.T., Dallas, TX

“I feel more confident about helping others and about tackling my own stresss issues”

J.N., Brighton, UK

“Thank you –  you clearly live by what you teach and that is simply inspiring”

P.C., Milwaukee, US

Great insight into the reality of mental health issues – makes me want to learn more”

M.D., Belfast, N.I.

“Greatly beneficial. I have a much greater knowledge of a very difficult subject.”

M.M., Lincoln, UK

“The workshops gave me great insight into the causes of mental health issues”

P.T., London, UK

“We now have a much better understanding of mental health and how to cope”

L.D. New York, US

“Really like the link with mindfulness, and the coaching for long term self- support”

B.T., Newcastle, UK

“I feel equipped to put processes in place, tackle difficult the issues.”

B.K., London, UK


● The full ‘Circus of Life’ online resilience workshop 

● The full ‘The Best of You’ personal development workshop 

● Monthly Group Coaching via Zoom

● Downloadble resources on many mental health topics   

 ●  Access to a like-minded online community 

● Regular interviews with mental health experts and mindset coaches    

●  Access to One to One Coaching at a discounted rate

● Our monthly live webinar ‘Bounce!’ 

●  An inspirational daily positive thought

● Member discounts in the My Resilient Family Shop and on other wellbeing products

Ongoing Email support throughout your membership


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